# Create your First PHP-Prefixer Project

You can set up a new project on the Dashboard in a matter of minutes. We support several ways of uploading and downloading the source code of the project. Follow the steps below to set up a simple downloadable project that doesn’t require the integration of version control and source code management.​


In this guide, we assume that you are starting the creation of the project with the 14-day free trial or the Developer subscription.

In the following guide, the case of a simple project that uses Monolog (opens new window) Logger is presented to show how the prefixer can be used.

# Creating Projects

  1. In the Dashboard, click “Projects,”
  2. Click on “Create Project,”
  3. Type in a name for your project,
  4. Select a “Source Code Integration” from the dropdown menu. For this first guide, select the “File” integration to upload and download the project files manually,
  5. Click “Create Project.”

Create Project

Congratulations, you’ve created your first project!