# Overview

# Welcome to PHP-Prefixer documentation

The PHP-Prefixer Documentation covers everything you need to start prefixing your projects with PHP-Prefixer. It is organized in 4 main sections:

  • Background
  • Getting Started
  • How-to Guides
  • Config Reference

# Background

Visit this section to learn about what PHP-Prefixer is and how it works.

Whether you are a developer or a project manager, this section will tell you all about what PHP-Prefixer is capable of and what you can do with it.

# Getting started

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to sign up for PHP-Prefixer, create a project on the Dashboard, and build your first prefixed codebase.

# How-to Guides

This section comprises of guides that will take you through series of steps involved in addressing key problems and use-cases of PHP-Prefixer

# Config Reference

The Config Reference section contains technical references for PHP-Prefixer. It describes the various functionalities provided by PHP-Prefixer.

# Contact

If you have any questions or we can do to help in anyway, please, contact us (opens new window), and we’ll get back to you shortly. We will be happy to provide technical assistance and guide you to get the best out of PHP-Prefixer.

# Social

Keep up with the latest news and updates.

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