# Quick Start

Follow the steps below to sign up for PHP-Prefixer, create a project on the Dashboard, upload a ZIP file, and build your first prefixed codebase:


In this guide, we assume that you are starting the creation of the project with the 14-day free trial or the Developer subscription.

# Sign up

Go to https://php-prefixer.com/register (opens new window) and create your account.

Sign up

# Create a Project

  1. In the Dashboard, click “Projects,”
  2. Click on “Create Project,”
  3. Type in a name for your project,
  4. Select a “Source Code Integration” from the dropdown menu. For this first guide, select the “File” integration to upload and download the project files manually,
  5. Click “Create Project.”

Create Project

Congratulations, you’ve created your first project!

# Create a Build

Now, set up a new Build and prefix the project in the "Dashboard/ Projects” area in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps below to set up a Build and prefix the project ZIP file.

  1. In the “Project,” click on “Create Build,”
  2. Select the file to be prefixed,
  3. Upload and create the Build, and
  4. Click on “Create Build.”

Create a Build

# Validate the Build

Once the Build is created, the PHP-Prefixer service automatically validates the project and continues with the next steps.

Validating the Build

# Prefix the Build

Once the Build is validated, the PHP-Prefixer service prefixes the files and notifies when the processing is completed.

Prefixing the Build

Congratulations, you’ve prefixed your first project!

# Download and Review the Prefixed Codebase

When the build is ready, check the processing results in the Build Details:

Build Details

Download the Output File and uncompress it to review the final results.

In the next chapter, we point out the main results of processing.