# What is a Prefixed Module?

In the Joomla world, modules are lightweight and flexible extensions. They are used for small sections of the page that are generally less complex and can be seen across different components.

To include Composer dependencies and avoid naming conflicts with other modules, PHP-Prefixer provides a way to prefix all PHP files with a custom prefix for the project.

In this guide, we will create the Hello Prefixed World module, based on the documented Hello World! Module (opens new window). This tutorial will explain how to go about creating a simple Hello World! Module. In this tutorial, you will learn how the basic file structure of a module can be modified to include Composer dependencies and how to prefix them.

To integrate a Composer dependency, install the Laravel illuminate/support (opens new window) library and use it below to show a formatted date before the classic "Hello, World!" message.

Essentially, this is how the modified Hello World! Module looks after the prefixing process with the new PPP namespace:


namespace ModHelloWorld;

// No direct access
defined('_JEXEC') or die;

use PPP\Carbon\Carbon;

class Helper
     * Retrieves the hello message
     * @param   array  $params An object containing the module parameters
     * @access public
    public static function getHello($params)
        $now = Carbon::now();
        $formattedDate = $now->toDateTimeString();

        return $formattedDate.' / Hello, World!';