Prefix PHP Libraries and Projects

Install any library freely. PHP-Prefixer will manage your namespaces.

PHP-Prefixer is an automated online service powered by a complex rule-based system to apply prefixes to Composer dependencies.

Same Libraries Across all Platforms

Develop your solutions using the same libraries for all the platforms you work in, specifically WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, Slim Framework, etc.

Composer + WordPress

Use Composer for your WordPress projects. PHP-Prefixer will process the dependencies to run smoothly along with other third-party plug-ins.

Fully Integrated with Git

Declare your namespace configuration and let the service produce the packages. No local installation. No Phars. No new dependencies.

Tailor the Namespaces According to your Needs

PHP-Prefixer grants you control of PHP libraries' namespaces.

Prefix the namespaces

Automatically create versions of the best open-source libraries.

namespace Carbon;

use Symfony\Component\Translation;

class Carbon extends DateTime
    const NO_ZERO_DIFF = 01;
namespace ACME\Carbon;

use ACME\Symfony\Component\Translation;

class Carbon extends DateTime
    const NO_ZERO_DIFF = 01;

Prefix all the Usual Cases at Once

PHP-Prefixer is a rule-based expert system that processes the projects intelligently to define new namespaces.

Takes into account functions, helpers, traits, interfaces, etc.

Automatically create versions of the best open-source libraries.

use Illuminate\Container\Container;

if (! function_exists('abort')) {
    function abort($code, $message = '')
        return app()->abort($code, $message, $headers);

if (! function_exists('app')) {
    function app($make = null)
use ACME\Illuminate\Container\Container;

if (! function_exists('ACME_abort')) {
    function ACME_abort($code, $message = '')
        return ACME_app()->abort($code, $message, $headers);

if (! function_exists('ACME_app')) {
    function ACME_app($make = null)

In a Nutshell

  • PHP-Prefixer service is a cloud computing processing system,
  • Offering on-demand resources to process PHP Composer packages,
  • No need to install on each user's computer,
  • Accessible from different places,
  • Doesn’t require the complex configurations of software or hardware,
  • Natively supports continuous integration workflows.


Want to Give it a Try?

PHP-Prefixer is charged per minute or per processing units. You can choose between the following plans.

Pay As You Go Subscriptions
Monthly Yearly
Most popular

Pay As You Go

$ 9

Price per build minute $0.090

Everything you need to get started with prefixing. A flexible alternative to a recurring plan.

  • 3 Projects

  • 50 Builds (+)

  • 10 min/build limit

  • 2 MB Max Project Size

  • 50 MB Storage

(+) The estimated number of builds is based on the average execution time of 3' per build.


$ 17 20 /month /month

Billed anually $200

Everything you need to get started with prefixing. Great for solo developers.

  • 10 Projects

  • 100 Builds/month

  • 10 min/build limit

  • 5 MB Max Project Size

  • 500 MB Storage

Most popular


$ 47 56 /month /month

Billed anually $560

Powerful and continuous integration prefixer. Ready for fast-moving projects.

  • 30 Projects

  • 250 Builds/month

  • 15 min/build limit

  • 7 MB Max Project Size

  • 1 GB Storage


$ 120 144 /month /month

Billed anually $1,440

Corporate grade services. Broad support of DevOps tools and Git hosting software.

  • 99 Projects

  • 500 Builds/month

  • 20 min/build limit

  • 10 MB Max Project Size

  • 5 GB Storage

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